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Project Overview

Navigating the search for a personal style often involves overcoming barriers, from information overload in traditional retail to social anxieties preventing exploration of unfamiliar physical stores. Recognizing the freedom of online shopping, the challenge arises: Can we architect a digital experience that seamlessly combines the merits of both traditional and digital shopping, providing a comprehensive and user-centric solution?

Design processes

Investigation into the challenges facing an under-construction brick-and-mortar mall, given the impact of online shopping.

Analysis of the outdated blueprint, emphasizing the model of directing shoppers through in-line shops between anchor stores like Macy's, JCP, Nordstrom, etc.

Recognition of the inherent issues in this model, as it tends to trap shoppers and enforce specific shopping behaviors.

Design challenges

How might we create a shopping experience that connects with shoppers' interest points and inspires them with new shopping ideas precisely when they nee

The amalgamation of traditional "bricks and mortar" shopping with digital elements introduces a challenge. While shopping malls boast a multitude of brands, the extensive options often lead to customer overwhelm. The competitive nature of intense brand marketing within the two-anchor "barbell" circulation system raises the question of its effectiveness in promoting stores. Paradoxically, the more aggressive the brand posture, the less appealing it becomes for potential shoppers

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Image from design agency 2x4

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What I have learned

Revitalizing the traditional "bricks and mortar" shopping experience by applying the logic and freedom of the internet. Spatial arrangements tailored uniquely for each shopper based on their social media footprint, connecting different stores according to individual shopping preferences. This personalized path through the mall starts with familiar brands and seamlessly expands to introduce new ones that align with the shopper's style. Proposing the SoNo Collection as a potential exemplar for this innovative retail concept.